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Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Very odd little noir.

A young man named Sonny Martin (Ed Dugan) is driving home one night and is almost forced off of the road by two cars. He sees one car shoot at the other. The other car crashes off of the road and Sonny races to help the driver.

The driver pulls out a gun and forces Sonny to help him to a home where Doctor Sam Johnson (Don Alderette) lives.

This starts Sonny on a dangerous and very dark road as the man is killed by the doctor and he barely escapes with his life. Soon Sonny is arrested and charged with the murder of a drug kingpin. The arresting officer is also in the pocket of the mob and he tries his hardest to make Sonny the fall guy for the crime.

This film runs only an hour, but it is very grim and has almost a documentary feel to it. It moves along very quickly and you really feel for Sonny as he fights to prove he is an innocent victim in a world of corruption and mob money.

The ending is somewhat bleak, as it should be with this kind of film. Every life in the film has been altered for the worse by the depicted events, especially Sonny's. Films like this are very interesting to watch and study.

I liked this movie a lot and recommend it to any noir fan. It's a rare one that I had never heard of, which is becoming a regular saying since this is included on the SWV "Weird Noir".

The rest of the cast includes George Mitchell, Madeline Francis, Wes Carlson and Fabian Dean.

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