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Thursday, August 20, 2020


Another fine Warner mystery film from the 30's.

A banker named Hubert Kingery invites several business associates to his hunting lodge and accuses one of them of forging company documents.

Later that night Kingery is shot and killed and so his daughter calls on Det. Lance O' Leary (Dick Purcell) to solve the mysterious killing. There are plenty of suspects and a couple of others are also killed.

This is a different kind of "old dark house" thriller in that it takes place in a hunting lodge, but everything else you expect is still here. The characters are a wonderful mixed lot of eccentric people.

Purcell is very good in the role of O' Leary and Ann Sheridan as Sarah Keate is perfect as the woman O' Leary falls for during the investigation. They both play off of each other so well.

The pacing is breakneck as the film only runs under an hour. If you like these kinds of films, then this is definitely for you. The ending is really no surprise, but it is fun watching it all unfold. The print is excellent and my hat is off to Warner Archive for getting this film onto DVD.

The rest of the cast includes Anne Nagel, William Hopper and Trevor Bardette.

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