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Tuesday, April 27, 2021


This is without a doubt the most bizarre film I have ever seen.

This movie was released in Japan on Halloween in 1969 and that was a perfect time to view this. The movie opens in an asylum where a man is in a cell with about 20 japanese women who are insane and some pretty wild shit goes on.

Soon we learn the man is not mad, but has no idea why he is there. He manages to escape in order to find his real identity and who put him in the asylum.

He soon winds up on an island inhabited by a VERY MAD scientist who has been busy creating malformed men and other bizarre creatures. This leads to only more mystery until it's discovered that the madman is actually the mans father.

I have seen weird movies before, but this really takes the cake. My wife Ginger also said it was the most bizarre thing she has ever seen. There are images in this film that will stay with you a VERY long time.

I would really reccommend this film for any horror fan because it's something very different. The print from Sinister is beautiful color, widescreen and subtitled.

Check it out for a once in a lifetime experience.

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