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Wednesday, May 27, 2020


This film marked the end of Roger Moore playing the suave spy.

A lot of people are undecided if this was a good entry in the series, but I found it to be excellent.

The skiing opening sequence reminded me of the 1977 Bond gem entitled "The Spy Who Loved Me" and it is a well mounted sequence. With the discovery of a microchip on the body of a dead spy, Bond is lead into a very unusual case.

The microchip leads Bond to industrialist Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) who has a plan of taking over the entire world computer market by destroying Silicone Valley.

Zorin plans to do this by triggering the San Andreas fault and bringing about a huge earthquake. Walken's character of Zorin is made even more interesting with the fact that he is a product of Nazi genetic engineering and has high intellect but is also a psychopath.

Zorin's helper in his plans is also his lover called Mayday (Grace Jones) whose screen presence is unquestionably top notch. Mayday does turn on Zorin in the end after she comes to realize that he only used her to forward his plans.

This is not as bad of a film as people say, but everyone has their own opinion. The movie is fast paced, and the Golden Gate Bridge sequence is one of the best in any Bond film. The title song is sung by Duran Duran.

The rest of the cast includes gorgeous Tanya Roberts as a young woman trying to fight Zorin because she knows his plans, Patrick Macnee, David Yip and Allison Doody.

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