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Friday, May 1, 2020


Interesting little drama with a tinge of horror.

This was first broadcast as an episode of "The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse".

Leslie Bradley and Andrea King are a young couple that move into a house and one night during a violent storm a young boy dressed only in swimming trunks appears at their door.

The boy (Tommy Rettig) doesn't speak, but he seems to know where everything in the house is. He also hears a haunting voice singing the title song and he reacts with the word "song".

It's all very strange and the couple finally learn the secret of the mysterious child, which turns out to have nothing to do with the supernatural, but with the horrors of WW2.

This somewhat interesting tale is presented on the same disc and the BFI short film "The Pit" which I reviewed a few days ago. The cast also includes David Bruce and Queenie Leonard.

To me it's always interesting to see things like this from the golden age of television, they fascinate me.

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