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Friday, May 22, 2020


It's good to be "The King."

Yesterday something very unique happened, and it was very interesting. I got home from work and was killing time on Facebook when I got a private message from an actress friend of mine.

She said a guy got ahold of her on FB and he said he was a fan of mine and had been trying to find me. He wanted permission to talk with me and wasn't sure if he had the right Kevin on FB.

I told her to let him know all was good and he could contact me. Less than five minutes later he and I were chatting. Seems he had been trying to find me for over 7 years!! He had seen my movies entitled "Macabre Tales" and "Tales Of The Damned" and fell in love with them, but he could never find them again after VHS died out.

He asked if I had a VHS copy of both as he collects very off the wall films and had been searching for so long. I just happened to have two master tapes left and figured what the hell, I'll send them to him. He offered to pay for them, but I don't need to money so I just said I'd send them.

I admit I have only talked to one other person that was this obsessed with my movies. We had a very good talk and he even called me "The King" of ultra low budget horror. That blew me away. But, that being said, I now have a few interviews coming up with the guy for his magazine and it is such a humbling experience being remembered by anyone.

It's good to know that after 22 years, people still love the junk I made and now he is seeking out everything I ever had anything to do with. I hope he enjoys them when they arrive and if I get the time, I'll post the interviews here when they come out.

It's good to be "The King"

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