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Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Another Tim McCoy western from Puritian Pictures.

Sam Newfield directed this interesting combination of western and sci-fi.

A young woman reads about a plane crashing near a small town called Shiloh so she sets out to investigate and see if this has anything to do with her missing inventor father. The woman, Natalie Brent (Claudia Dell) travels out west and meets up with Tim Caverly (Tim McCoy).

Caverly is already investigating the mysterious airline crashes and he tries to keep Natalie out of the way by locking her in closets and such, but she is determined and she will not be stopped.

We soon learn that a gang of outlaws has kidnapped Prof. Brent (Lloyd Ingraham) are are forcing him to use a ray he has invented to bring down planes carrying large money shipments or bonds.

Everything comes to a climax when Tim and a friend crash the gangsters hideout and a gunfight ensues. They get help from G-Men and save the day. This is a typical McCoy western with a minimum of violence, but it is a very interesting hybrid of sci-fi and western.

I would recommend this to B western fans everywhere.

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