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Monday, May 11, 2020


One hell of a bizarre film also known as "Reincarnation Of Isabel".

I don't mind off beat Euro horror, but this one was totally impossible to follow and the story is ludicrous.

I believe that the main story revolves around a group of vampires that keep the dead body of their queen in a castle cellar and they are trying to revive her.

From that point on, I cannot tell you a single damn thing except that the vampires want to bring her back to life, and that is about all I could figure out. I had forgotten about seeing this movie many years ago and now I know why. Some of the visuals are interesting. I found this film to be boring and pretentious.

Mickey Hargitay stars along with Rita Calderoni and they usually impress me, but in this film I felt they played their flat characters with nothing but contempt and indifference. It's movies like this that give horror a bad name, if you ask me. I would suggest that if you're a euro horror fan, you pass this by and watch something much better.

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