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Monday, May 25, 2020


Another highly impressive episode of the TV series "Beasts" from the BBC.

This is a tale of an actor who plays a weird looking monster called The Dummy. Bernard Horsfall stars as Clyde Boyd, a very troubled man whose never gotten over the fact that his wife and child were stolen from him by a fellow actor.

During the filming of another installment of the film series he sees that the actor he hates on the set and has a severe nervous breakdown. The director and producer try and calm him down.

Horsfall does a great job of portraying an actor who has had enough of life. After he has calmed down a bit and filming resumes he "becomes" the monster he is portraying in the film and kills one actor while everyone else flees the sound stage and locks him in.

The police are called, and that is when the fun really begins as they have to try and figure out how to capture the monster. Thorley Walters appears as an absent minded actor and the lovely Patricia Haines stars as Boyd's wife who almost is killed by her ex-husband now turned monster.

Nigel Kneal wrote to story of course and it's a great one. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good horror story with a human side and a couple of interesting twists.

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