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Saturday, May 30, 2020


A very obscure film starring Cameron Mitchell.

He stars as James Kennedy, a very wealthy business man whose dealing with a lot of issues at work and also taking care of his young son.

His sister Helen (Lois Maxwell) takes the child for a walk one afternoon and two thugs role up in a car and kidnap the child. They of course have a ransom demand and Scotland Yard want Kennedy to let them handle the case.

Kennedy takes matters into his own hands and he, along with his staff track the kidnappers all over London. Kennedy has his own way of wanting to deal with the kidnappers, especially after they up the ransom demand.

He decides to use a fire throwing weapon on the criminals after he discovers where they are hiding out and keeping his son.

This is a short film, running only 68 minutes and it does hold your interest. I had never heard of this movie until I received it from Sinister Cinema. There isn't much information on this anywhere I can find.

I really love obscure films like this, and Sinister is the place to find a lot of them. If you enjoy oddball films, then you'll probably like this.

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