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Sunday, May 31, 2020


A childhood favorite gets a gorgeous Blu-ray treatment from Criterion.

Nick Adams and Akira Takarada stars as two astronauts, Glen and Fuji respectively who land on a mysterious moon of Jupiter and discover a race of aliens living in terror.

What has therm living in fear and underground? Well it turns out that a monster they call Zero has made their lives a living hell for sometime. The monster they speak of is none other than King Ghidorah.

The aliens ask for permission to obtain Godzilla and Rodan to battle Ghidorah and in exchange they will give the Earth a cure for cancer. Earth agrees and they soon find that they have been duped and the aliens are going to use the monsters to conquer the Earth and rule it as a colony.

Top scientists and the astronauts try to find a way to fight the control the aliens have over the monsters, and eventually they succeed. This is a classic monster bash from 1965 and it wasn't released here in the USA until 1970 which was two years after star Adams was already dead. The US title is "Monster Zero".

This was the second Godzilla film I had ever seen as a child an it has remained a favorite ever since. It's a great 60's retro sci-fi trip and it also stars the gorgeous Kumi Mizuno who is unforgettable as the alien female in love with Glen.

The presentation from Criterion is excellent as always and the rousing opening music from Akira Ifukube is an all time classic. This Showa set is a top release of 2020. RECOMMENDED!!

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