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Monday, May 18, 2020


What a bizarre yet fun film.

This is a rather interesting take off on the Tarzan legend with a new twist...well new at the time anyway.

Ken Clark stars as Glen Shipper, a hunter who is hired by a very wealthy man named Lord Donovan to find out if the rumors are true that his long lost daughter who everyone thought had died in an air crash with her parents 15 years ago is still alive.

Shipper takes up the expedition and soon we are off on a jungle trip. Also in the party is Doris (Franca Polesello) with whom Glen loves. They are beset by the usual jungle perils and after a lot of fist fights between Glen and other members of the party who want to turn back, they finally get a glimpse of Tarzana.

The gorgeous Femi Benussi is Tarzana who travels thru the jungle topless and has a strange power to communicate with the animals. She actually ends up following the expedition and in a rather amusing scene she tries on a blouse belonging to Doris and hates wearing clothes, much to the male viewers delight.

If you haven't seen this little gem yet, you should. It's nothing but escapist entertainment and Benussi is..well...delicious. RECOMMENDED!!

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