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Friday, May 29, 2020


One of my favorite movies I finally got to see again after almost 12 years.

William Girdler directed this shot in Kentucky regional thriller about a very strange hospital.

A young woman named Lucina Martin (gorgeous Carla Borelli) is brought to a private asylum to be treated by a mysterious doctor named Specter ( Charles Kissinger). She has no memory of how she got there and immediately things get weird.

Nobody answers her questions and soon the patients start dying in strange ways. There is a mute man who is decapitated, a blind girl is killed when snakes are released in the pool she is swimming in and there are other deaths as well.

Lucina tries to find a way out and soon her boyfriend comes to the Asylum, and is met with hostility. He goes to an inspector with the police department and slowly starts to unravel the mystery.

It turns out the Specter is a devil worshiper and Lucina is being groomed to become a virgin sacrifice. The ending is an incredible twist that might have your jaw hit the floor.

This is nothing but fun drive in fodder and damn, Borelli is stunning to look at. The $50,000 budget really shows, but that is part of the charm of this kind of movie.

I hadn't seen this film since around 2008 and finally ran across it again. It was just as entertaining as the first time I saw it. Hard to find this film these days, but if you can, I would recommend you check it out. AND YOU HAVE TO LOVE THE TAG LINE FOR THE MOVIE!!!

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