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Sunday, May 3, 2020


Quite an amazing look at an amazing film maker.

This documentary looks at the very interesting life of Al Adamson. I was first introduced to Adamson via Nightmare Theater in Salt Lake City, Utah on KCPX when they ran "Blood Of Dracula's Castle" and from then on I always wanted to see more.

This is a very in depth look at his life and films which also included "Blood Of Ghastly Horror", "Brain Of Blood", Horror Of The Blood Monsters", "The Female Bunch" and so much more. People who worked with Adamson are interviewed including business partner Sam Sherman, Russ Tamblyn, Marilyn Joi, and many more.

The film also explores Al's love for his wife Regina Carroll and how heartbroken he was when she passed away and how it changed him. It also looks at his later years in the early 90's when he was shooting segments for a film called "Beyond This Earth" when he had another life chamging event that nobody will talk about on camera. Interesting to say the least.

A few of the people interviewed in this documentary have also sadly passed including Gary Graver and Vilmos Zsigmond just to name a couple. Adamson was murdered in 1995 by a contractor named Fred Fulford which brought a sad end to a great life.

This disc is one of the most informative documentaries I have ever seen and if you have any love for low budget films and the people who make them, you will want to see this film.

Al Adamson was and still is one of my favorite film directors. Why? Because his films are so off beat and unusual. I mean really, who can resist films with titles like "Angels Wild Women" or "Satan's Sadists"?

A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and top release of the year!!

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