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Friday, May 22, 2020


The 4th Godzilla film to reach the states.

This was the final film in which Godzilla was an enemy of mankind.

In this outing a violent storm washes a gigantic egg ashore and a Japanese corporation takes ownership of it in hopes of making millions of yen off of it as a tourist attraction.

A reporter, Ichiro Sakai (Akira Takarada) is trying to get a story about the storm and runs afoul of the corporation and it's corrupt owners. Meanwhile Godzilla and is threatening to again destroy Tokyo. Sakai and his photographer are asked by a pair of very small women for help in getting the egg back to where it belongs.

These two women are inhabitants of Infant Island. We and Sakai discover that the island has been all but destroyed due to heavy radiation and the people that live there are now very hostile towards the outside world. The island is also the home to a giant moth called Mothra, and it is her egg that has washed ashore in Japan.

Sakai takes a trip to the island and discovers that it's has many problems including heavy radiation and a few mutants running around. Mothra attempts to battle Godzilla. but is not strong enough.

Soon the egg hatches and twp giant caterpillars emerge and give Godzilla a run for his money. After a long battle the caterpillars cover Godzilla in a web and throw him off of a cliff.

The fairies and larvae head back to Infant Island and all seems quiet, at least until the next installment. The presentation is stunning on this film and it again looks better than anything else I have seen.

I can't see any Godzilla fan not liking this movie, or the entire set for that matter.

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