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Saturday, June 25, 2022


Oh my God what did I just watch!!!????

This film was made in 1980 under the title Cataclysm but by any name it's a jaw dropper.

A police detective named Sterne (Cameron Mitchell) looks into the death of a Nazi concentration camp survivor named Abraham Weiss (Marc lawrence) who is murdered in a very brutal way after claiming to have spotted a man who is a Nazi in Las Vegas.

Nobody believes Weiss because the man he spots is no more than 30 years old!! After the murder, Sterne looks into the case more and starts to believe the dead mans claim.

As a sub-plot we have a writer, James Hanson (Richard Moll) who has written a book entitled "God Is Dead" and his wife Claire (Faith Clift) who does not see things her husbands way.

Things get really confusing and soon both James Hanson and Sterne are killed, leaving only Claire to uncoveer the evil, and what an evil it is. Claire discovers the truth as well and sets up an elaborate trap for the eternally young Nazi devil.

The ending is a blood drenched operating room final that does not end well for Claire. This film is very disjointed and very poorly shot. I have to admit, as does everyone who talks about this movie, that Faith Clift is one of the worst acctresses to EVER appear in a film of ANY kind.

However, I also have to admit that this film somehow keeps your attention and I believe that is due to it's incredible storyline. If you get a chance, check this one out and see if you agree with me.

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