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Friday, October 3, 2014


Roger Corman directed this great gangster film.

Shelley Winters is Ma Barker, and with her gang of four sons embarks on a killing and robbery spree.

The sons are played by Don Stroud as Herman who is a wallflower and married to a prostitute named Mona while still sleeping with his mother, Clint Kimbrough is Arthur, Robert De Niro is Lloyd, who love sniffing glue and shooting up and Robert Walddon is Fred who has a gay lover from prison named Kevin Dirkman, played by Bruce Dern. irkman also likes to sleep with Ma.

This is one messed up family, and Corman brings us this classic in all of it's perverse glory. There are plenty of gunfights andd it, at the time, was the most violent film Corman had ever made.

Mama and her gang kidnap a very wealthy man in hopes of collecting a huge cash ransom, an this eventually leads to their downfall.

Winters does a top notch job of playing Ma Kate Barker, an the rest of the cast is no less superb. It includes Pat Hingle, Diana Varsi, Alex Nicol, Pamela Dunlap and Scatman Crothers, as the man who tips off the Feds as to where the barker gang is staying down in Florida. Highly recommended film.

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