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Monday, October 20, 2014


A great and underrated film.

Henry Hull stars as a quiet and very laid back scientist who, while searching for a very rare flower in the Himalayan mountains is attacked and bitten by a strange creature.

The creature turns out to be a werewolf and this causes our hero some trouble upon his return to England. It also seems like the rare flower he was looking for in Tibet can also provide a temporary cure for the lycanthropy he has inherited.

Another scientist, Dr. Yogami also is seeking the plant and it turns out he was the original creature that attacked Hull in Tibet. Valerie Hobson is the very young wife of Hull and she damn near becomes his last victim.

This film, as I stated above is a very underrated film because the 1941 "Wolfman" film has far overshadowed it, but it is a great little horror film that should be seen by anyone who hasn't seen it. Hull does a good job of portraying the suffering ddoctor who really wants nothing but to serve mankind.

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