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Sunday, October 5, 2014


Well it is October again and that means Halloween is right around the corner. To start this off I am going to look at season 4 of the Twilight Zone. This is the first of two parts that will conclude tomorrow.

After three years, the CBS network was perplexed with Rod Serling's innovative show. The ratings weren't as high as they wanted, and as networks tend to do, they started tinkering with it. They figured if the ratings were good with half hour shows they would be better with hour long shows.

So, on Jan. 3, 1963 Twilight Zone began it's 4th season later than usual and with hour long episodes. A lot of people seem to judge these show as not being as good, but believe me, there are a few gems in this year. Perhaps you have seen them, I know I have and I enjoyed every one.

Here is a look at the first nine episodes of this groundbreaking show.

In His Image....1/3/63...A man who seems to have a past only he remembers is also driven to kill by some mysterious inner force. Lovely Gail Kobe stars in this episode.

The Thirty Fathom Grave....1/10/63....A mysterious clanging sound is heard inside a submarine that has been sunk for 20 years. Bill Bixby and Simon Oakland star.

Valley of The Shadows...1/17/63.....A man stumbles into a very small and very mysterious town with a very odd secret. Edd Nelson stars.

He's Alive...1/24/63....Dennis Hopper is a youth leading a neo-Nazi group who finds he has a most interesting benefactor.

Mute....1/31/63...A young girl raised in a telepathic community struggles to live among regular people when her parents are killed in a fire.

Death Ship....2/7/63...Three astronauts discover a wrecked duplicate replica of their ship as well as their own dead bodies on a planet they land on. Jack Klugman and Ross Martin star.

Jess-Bell.....2/14/63....A young man finds himself bewitched by the beautiful Jess Bell, who herself soon discovers that making a deal with a witch has it's drawbacks. One of the best episodes of this or any season.

Miniature.....2/21/63...Robert Duvall stars as a lonely man who is fascinated by a small doll house in a museum. This is the best episode from this season and a fine example of how to make a quality TV show.

Printer's Devil....2/28/63....A failing newspaper hires a man who has the ability to print news before it happens. The editor and his girlfriend find out more than they wanted to about this mysterious stranger. Burgess Merideth stars.

These are the first 9 episodes of the 18 that aired that year. Tomorrow I will conclude this review. Hope you enjoyed it.

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