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Sunday, October 19, 2014


My personal favorite of all the Halloween films except for the original.

This is a great film, despite what everybody else says. Dan O' Herlihy is a man named Conel Cochran, a man who creates Halloween masks that have an dread secret.

The plan involves masks with a chip from Stonehenge that thru some ancient magic will destroy all of the children that wear them.

It is an ingenious plan that a doctor, played by Tom Atkins tries desperately to stop. Tommy Lee Wallace directed this film, that even though it made money was never really a box office success. I, however enjoyed it.

It was a unique idea, and when it was presented it showed that American movie audiences have a very limited thinking span when it comes to "Halloween" movies. It was different, and didn't involve Michael Myers so people stayed away from it.

This is a greal little film that is something people who like horror and sci-fi should watch.

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