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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


One of the greatest!!

What would Halloween be without watching this classic telefilm from 1972? Darren McGavin is Karl Kolchak, a brazen reporter working in Las Vegas who fins himself on the trail of a vampire.

Made at a time when TV wasn't about social topics or political correctness and all the other left wing propaganda, this was just about entertainment.

The film was, at the time, the highest rated program to ever appear on TV, an to this day it is still pretty high in the all time ratings. It is extremely well one with a top notch cast. This is one film that should be watched every Halloween no matter what.

Barry Atwater is perfect as the vampire Janos Skorzeny an the rest of the cast includes Claude Akins, Kent Smith, Charles McGraw, Carol Lynley, Ralph Meeker and Stanley Adams.

One more thing that really sets this movie apart is the stunning music from Bob Cobert. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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