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Friday, October 17, 2014


Rare horror film that has finally been made available.

This is an ultra rare horror film that has been made available thanks to Greg Luce at Sinister Cinema. It is made up of two stories from Edgar Allen Poe.

As a kid growing up I had seen a few pics of this in Famous Monsters magazine, but had never had the chance to see this film until now.

This film, made in Argentina has two stories which are "Case Of M. Valdemar" and "Cask Of Amontillado". Both of these are true to the Poe tales, and the second one being the best of the two, as it has the most shocking ending. This pre-dated the Roger Corman film "Tales Of Terror" by a few years.

Jack H. Harris picked this up for distribution yet it has fallen thru the cracks. This is a well made horror film that runs only one hour, but it never lets up. Thanks to Sinister for making this available to the public after all of these years. recommended!!


  1. If you enjoy this movie look for a print of the rare movie LEGEND OF HORROR which was built around footage cut from MASTER OF HORROR before it's American release. The black and white footage is a version of Poe's THE TELL TALE HEART.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes I have seen Legend Of Horror and am trying to get a copy.


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