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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


One of my favorite movies that I watch about this time every year.

Peter Cushing stars in this classic film about bone eating silicate monsters on a small island off the coast of Ireland.

A scientist who was working on a cure for cancer accidentally developed these monsters that are now killing the local people and dividing every few hours. Cushing plays a scientist who tries to stop them as does Edward Judd.

The monsters are a very cool breed and the horrible slurping sound they make when eating bones will always stay with me. Carole Gray is the girlfriend of Judd who accompanies him to the island.

This is a very tense and well done horror film that really packs a punch. The climax is one of the best you'll see. For a good time this Halloween, i cannot recommend this enough. The print from Sinister is top notch as far a picture quality goes, and you do need to know it is missing the scene after Cushing gets his hand chopped off where the blood spurts out of the stump. Why this is missing I have no idea. Other than that, very little to complain about.

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