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Sunday, October 26, 2014


One of the best supernatural horror films ever made.

Dana Andrews id Dr. John Holden, a man who travels to London for a symposium about the supernatural an finds himself targeted by the man he wanted to discredit, Julian Karswell.

Karswell has great powers that Holden does not believe in such as the ability to control the weather. Holden is targeted for death and only after a few bizarre happenings does he actually become a believer.

Also along for the terrifying journey is a young woman named Joanna Harrington, played by Peggy Cummins. She is investigating the death of her father who also challenged Karswell.

This is truly a classic of the horror genre and the disc has both this longer version and the shorter US cut of the film. I prefer the unedited UK version as it fills in more plot holes. All of the performers in this film are top notch and I cannot recommend this film enough.

A great one to watch on Halloween. The rest of the cast includes Niall MacGinnis as Karswell, Maurice Denham, Peter Elliot and Athene Seyler. One of the best of it's kind.

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