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Thursday, October 9, 2014


Great Exorcist rip off from Italy.

Juliet Mills stars as a young woman who is pregnant and soon to give birth to a baby. She starts to act in very strange ways, and it becomes apparent that something is very wrong.

Gabriele Lavia is her perplexed husband who is convince that he is being followed by his wife's ex lover, Dimitri, played by Richard Johnson. It is true that he is being followed as Dimitri is actually a follower of the devil who is assigned the task of making sure the child is born, and that evil is unloosed on the world.

There are some very gross scenes as well of some damn scary ones including Mills levitating off of the floor and floating thru a room and the scene where a child's bedroom and the dolls in it come alive.

Director Ovidio Assonitis did a very good job bringing across the chills needed for a film like this. Richard johnson is perfect in the role of Dimitri and Juliet Mills is perfect for the innocent who is possessed by her demon baby.

The ending of the film is both bizarre and twisted and it leaves the door open for a sequel. THE CHILD MUST BE BORN!!!

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