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Saturday, October 11, 2014


This is the rare uncut version of the film.

A beautiful stripper is involved in a fiery car accident that scars her face. She comes to the attention of a doctor named Alberto Levin, played by Alberto Lupo. It seems this doctor has been using a serum in experiments to heal damaged skin cells.

Susanna Loret is the stripper named Jeanette Moreneau an she decides, after much ado to stay with the doctor at his home and let him attempt to cure her. Her boyfriend, Pierre has decided to leave her for some unknown reason that is never made clear and she attempts to kill herself. However, the doctor prevents this and moves ahead with the experiments.

The experiments work, and somehow, unexplained, the doctor transforms into a hideous monster that has that steals the organs from young women in order to keep the stripper beautiful. The monster is very cool looking an the doctor soon finds that the woman's boyfriend and the police are closing in on him.

This version from Sinister is the 105 minute version that has a lot of scenes that have been edited out of the US print which runs about 87 minutes. This is still slightly different than the one I saw many years ago on TNT, and this version has the new scenes in Italian with English subtitles.

This is a fun watch and a very enjoyable piece of Italian horror cinema. the dubbing for the US release is sometimes very melodramatic, but what the's all fun.

I cannot recommend this version from Sinister Cinema enough. CHECK IT OUT!!

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