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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Interesting concept from WWE.

Karen Gillan stars as a young woman who tries to prove her brother is innocent of a horrible murder. She wants to prove it was caused by a supernatural element that is in a strange mirror.

This is one of very few modern films that really holds my attention. The story is always flashing back to when the woman and her brother were children and what happened with the mirror then as compared to now.

Gillan is very believable as the woman who sets out to prove something while the forces of evil foil her at every attempt. Two scenes really stand out. One involves a light bulb and an apple an the other involves Gillan and a device she has created that she believes will destroy the mirror.

I won't give away the bizarre ending, but any horror fan that isn't too jilted should enjoy this film. There are plenty of good shocks an some very inventive story telling.

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