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Monday, October 6, 2014


This is the conclusion to the review of The Twilight Zone season 4.

As I pointed out last time, season four was a mixed bag of good and bad episodes, but I still really liked the season. They were all hour long episodes and there were a couple of standouts.

No Time Like The Past...3/7/63...A man travels back into time to prevent some of the worst disasters in history only to find that he cannot stop anything from happening without the possibility of changing the future. Dana Andrews stars.

The Parallel...3/14/63...Interesting tale about an astronaut who travels into space and is suddenly in a world very much like earth with very subtle differences. Steve Forrest stars.

I Dream Of Genie...3/21/63...A man is granted one wish by a genie in a bottle. Jack Albertson stars as the genie.

The New Exhibit 4/4/63...Martin Balsam stars as a man who takes care of the Murderer's Row exhibit at a museum. He soon begins to think they are really alive and killing people.

Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville...4/11/63...Albert Salmi stars as a very wealthy man who strikes a bargain with the Devil, played by gorgeous Julie Newmar, to become young again and amass a huge fortune.

The Incredible World of Horace Ford....4/18/63... A toy makes wishes only to relive his childhood, and finds it wasn't all it's cracked up to be. Pat Hingle stars.

On Thursday We Leave for Home...5/2/63...Travelers stranded on a strange planet for 30 years are going to be rescued.Their leader suddenly decides that they should stay when he feels his power slipping away. James Whitmore stars.

Passage On the Lady Anne....5/19/63... A young couple book passage of a mysterious ship populated by seniors that try to make them leave as soon as possible. Very odd story, but very well done.

The Bard...5/23/63...An untalented TV writer uses black magic and summons William Shakespear to write his TV dramas.

The season was a short on, but would return for the fifth and final year with 36 episodes. Still one of the greatest shows ever.

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