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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Another great find from Sinister Cinema.

This film was the first major sci-fi movie in Mexico and it laid the groundwork for hundreds of others to comes after it.

It takes it's main idea from the Frankenstein legend and twists things around a bit. A mad doctor places an add in a paper for a life companion and a lovely female reporter goes to check out the story. She makes him believe that she really loves him and after a while he removes the mask he has been wearing to reveal his deformed face.

When this happen is it a shock to the viewer and very well done. The woman is repulsed, but tells him another lie as to gain his confidence. In time the doctor finally catches on and sets out to kill her, but in a very odd way.

He sets out to create a very handsome being who will be totally controlled by thoughts from the Doctor. He manages to create a perfect being and sets it out to kill the female reporter. Needless to say, things don't go to well, and the plan almost succeeds.

This is a very rare and wonderful film that really should be seen by more people, especially lovers of Mexican horror cinema. The print from Sinister is very nice and the subtitles are very easy to read. Directed by Chano Urueta, the man who brought us "The Brainiac". A huge thanks to Sinister for making this one available.

The lead actress for the film is Miroslava, a very beautiful woman who committed suicide at the age of 30 back in 1955.

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