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Monday, October 27, 2014


I finally got to see the blu-ray edition of this film.

A bizarre cult film shot in Florida, ZAAT is at once totally unforgettable. A mad scientist transforms himself into a strange looking sea monster to seek revenge on those who mocked him and had him put in jail many years ago.

It seem the scientist wanted to mix human life with that of sea life in order to save the world. He goes back to his abandoned lab an picks up where he left off. He manages to kill two former bosses an the also wants to find a mate.

He kiddnaps a beautiful young woman and tries to transform her as well, but the experiment fails. Hot on his trail are twp investigators from a government office called INPIT, a young male researcher and the sheriff. Due to the mad scientists' new experiments an army of catfish are invading the small Florida town. We never see them much, but are told this is happening instead.

The film has a very downbeat ending and I like it that way. On Blu-ray it looks better than it ever has. If you like bizarre cult films, i would very highly recommend this. I wonder whatever happened to Sanna Ringhaver, the lovely leading lady of this film?

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