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Sunday, October 26, 2014


A great little Universal film.

Around Halloween time I always love to watch the old films from the Universal library. This is another excellent entry, and the final one as well of the Mummy series.

This time Kharis and Ananka are discovered when a swamp is being drained. Many critics have wondered how the bodies got to Louisiana when they were originally in Massachusetts, but for heavens sake but disbelief aside and enjoy.

Lon Chaney returns as Kharis and Virginia Christine is Princess Ananka. The scene where her muddy corpse rises from the swamp is something that once seen, isn't easily forgotten. Kharis kills many in his attempt to find Ananka and soon the authorities are again hunting the Mummy.

The cast also includes Peter Coe, Kay Harding, Kurt Katch and Martin Kosleck. the film runs one hour and never slows down. Recommended!!

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