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Thursday, October 30, 2014


I had to wait 36 years to finally see this film.

Lisa Pelikan is Jennifer a girl from the deep south who is attending a snooty all girls school in California while living with her bible toting father.

She is constantly picked on and harassed by the other girls as well as her father. It seems that as a very young child she had a power over serpents and her father is still obsessed with this power and wants her to use it, but she refuses.

Things get worse and worse for her until the other students kill a kitten Jennifer was fond of and then they blame her for it. She snaps and then her powers come out and hundreds of snakes in all shapes and sizes attack her group of tormentors. One guy even has his head bitten off by one of the the giant snakes.

This is a rip off of "Carrie", but that doesn't mean it isn't a good film. Pelikan does an excellent job as Jennifer while Burt Convey is a sympathetic teacher and Nina Foch is a pill popping, ass kissing headmistress who has a terrific line in the film when she tells Convey "the rich are ALWAYS right."

The rest of the cast includes Jeff Corey, John Gavin and Amy Johnston. I recommend this for any horror fan an the Blu-ray presentation is perfect. Hats off to Scorpion for putting this little, still obscure gem out for people to see.

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