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Wednesday, September 4, 2019


This is the 3rd filmed version of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale.

Spencer Tracy stars as the famous Dr. Jekyll who is experimenting with a potion that will unleash the evil of men. He believes he can release it and conquer it.

Well we all know how well that worked out. Tracy does a very good job as the tortured doctor who, because of his experiments becomes the very kind of monster he hates in all men.

Lana Turner is gorgeous as always in the role of Beatrix Emery, the woman who plans to marry Jekyll someday. Ingrid Bergman is Ivy, the barmaid who becomes the victim of Hyde's fascination and abuse until he kills her.

Donald Crisp, Barton MacLane and Ian Hunter round out the stellar cast. I am assuming everyone has seen this classic thriller over the years, but it had been a very long time for me and I enjoyed revisiting this gem.

If you want to see a film made when big studios didn't ruin everything they touch, check this one out. It's always good to revisit the classics sometimes and see how things used to be done, and done well.

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