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Monday, September 16, 2019


Another Ron Ormond gem.

This is rural drive in fare at it's best. The plot concerns a stolen $100,000 that a convict has hidden in a small town.

The convict is killed but another convict escapes the work farm and tries to find the money and a new life. The young man is "Snake" Richards (Earl "Snake" Richards).

Richards is befriended by Tim Bolton (Tim Ormond) who introduces him to his father, the Rev. E.F. Bolton (Tex Ritter). In the meantime a bunch og gangsters are also looking for Richards and the loot.One of the gangsters is named Blinky and is portrayed by Ralph Emery, who was a long time host of a country talk show on the Nashville Network called Nashville Now.

This color saturated crime film also features some of the same acts also seen in the Ormond production of "The Exotic Ones" and this includes the Harmonica duet which I think is always a treat. Nothing like 60's country music in my opinion.

There is a final showdown between Snake and the gangsters which ends with Snake coming out on top but at a terrible cost. The film doesn't really have any relation to the title it's been given except that one of the daughters of Rev. Bolton acts a lot like a loose woman around certain men in the film, and she even utter a classic line I will never forget and might end up using in certain circumstances.

When she sees an older gangster in a bar the sheriff tells her he is too old for her and she replies "When there is snow on the mountain top, there is also fire in the furnace". It's a gem for sure.

If you get the chance to check this out I would for sure. It's a great little time waster with a great 60's southern flavor and some great music thrown in as well.

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