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Sunday, September 8, 2019


Well, well, well.

After watching the Godzilla film from 2014 a few weeks ago I had to continue with this.

Again I knew of nobody in the cast except for Vera Farmiga and I only know her for her work in "The Conjuring". The plot of this film revolves around a crypto-zoological foundation called Monarch that faces it's greatest challenge......Godzilla and a battery of other huge monsters.

In this film Gozilla takes on Mothra, Rodan and the greatest Japanese monster of all...King Ghidorah. These are the only reasons to watch this movie. The actors and various sub-stories are not too good, and it amazes me that the filmmakers always try to make children out to be geniuses. However, with all the human nonsense going on the monsters take the cake.

The battle sequences are well done and it's always a pleasure to see Ghidorah. I have loved that three headed dragon since I first saw him in a movie back in 1971.

For an American made modern film this isn't too bad, but I do see the filmmakers taking this into the realm of the Marvel comics crap. I detest every Marvel movies and everything they stand for. In this film they refer to the monsters as "The Titans" and that gave me a chill as I know exactly where that is going. Kudos to them again for keeping Akira Ifukube's original Godzilla main title in the movie. That does indeed take me back to my childhood watching theses movies.

I had a feeling while watching and listening to the dialogue that this might be turned into another "superhero" franchise, which would be a shame as Godzilla far outclasses anything from Marvel and shouldn't be tampered with in that way. These are Japanese monsters and I think the filmmakers have forgotten about that.

During the many fight sequences my friend Jenn again had to add WWE commentary which actually added to the film. Her favorite move was the "Chest Cavity Crusher" that Godzilla used on Ghidorah.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would probably rate this a 6 and I know there is another Godzilla film in the making, and all I can do is hope for the best. I like the film, but I will stick to my older golden age Godzilla films.

Just beware of the Chest Cavity Crusher and you'll be fine. One more thing I must mention...the monsters look a little different than they did back in the good old days, but that always happens with movies but I think Ghidorah was pretty cool.

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