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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Interesting film.

The movie starts out with a man talking to a young child about the murder of her parents and suddenly we move ahead 12 years and she is now a beautiful young blonde woman who is being taught to be a killing machine.

Why? Because there is a group of 4 young men who have been kidnapping blondes and then taking them into the woods and killing them in their murder games.

Once her training is completed she is sent to find the men, which she does and they invite her on a date. Once they have her in the woods, the games begin, only they realize they may have chosen the wrong woman as she disposes of the men one by one.

The major flaw for most viewers of this film is that there is absolutely no backstory to anything. Why is Veronica (Abigail Breslin) being trained for this and why are the young men killing the women anyway?

The movie just starts and you feel as if you've been dumped in the middle of something and that can be a bad thing with movies. However, I didn't seem to mind it too much and I found Breslin to be beautiful in her role and sexy as hell.

This was a huge box office disaster, but it still entertained me. If you happen to see this film in a dollar store somewhere and want something to watch, it makes a good time killer, but if you're looking for a tight story line and such you will have to look elsewhere.

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