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Friday, September 27, 2019


Nifty 50's sci-fi produced by Roger and Gene Corman.

I have always liked this movie since I owned a 200 foot reel of it from Ken Films.

Michael Emmet stars as John Cocoran, an astronaut who is killed when the rocket he is test flying crashes back to earth. After his body is recovered from the spacecraft it's taken to a nearby abandoned army base by the few who are still there carrying on top secret work.

Before too long the entire base is cut off from the rest of the world by an alien that has sinister plans. To the shock of everyone Cocoran comes back to life and appears to have no problems except for some strange marks on his body. It's soon discovered that his body is housing several alien creatures that will hatch soon.

Dr. Alex Wyman (Tyler McVey) is killed by having half of his head torn away and his brain gone. The alien has taken it and it now able to communicate with the humans.

It plans to take over the world with it's progeny and a small band of humans must fight to stop it. This is a fun film and I have always thought the monster was pretty cool looking. The cast also includes Ed Nelson, Angela Greene, John Baer and Georgina Carter.

This film has been available on PD sets for years and this was included on a bizarre set from Mill Creek called "Monster Movie Mix" which in reality only had three movies and a few episodes from TV shows on it. Some of those reviews will be forthcoming soon as well.

Anyway, a fun film for any 50's sci-fi lover.

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