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Sunday, September 15, 2019


A strong film noir with religious overtones.

Mark Robson directed this dark film about murder and redemption.

Farley Granger stars as Martin Lynn, a young impoverished man whose mother is very ill. Dana Andrews is Father Thomas Ross, a priest in a small parish located in the poverty ridden neighborhood where Martin lives.

When Martin's mother dies he realizes just how much people don't care and he is driven to murder an elderly priest at the parish out of anger and desperation. He is arrested for another crime that he didn't commit and Father Ross tries to help him.

Meanwhile a neighbor of Martin's, a Mr. Craig (Paul Stewart) is arrested for the killing and this makes Martin feel guilty. After a lot of detective work by Ross and Lieutenant Mandel, they both begin to suspect Martin of the murder.

The scene where Martin talks to the funeral home director about his mothers' funeral is unforgettable. It both cold and uncaring while at the same time mixed with strong emotions. Director Robson handles it well as so do Granger and Howland Chamberlaine as Mr. Murray the funeral director.

Yes, it does get overly preachy sometimes, but don't let that detract from you from seeing this if you're a fan of film noir. It's a damn good film that deserves to be seen more today than it is.

The rest of the cast includes Joan Evans, Douglas Fowley, Adele Jergens, and the beautiful Mala Powers. RECOMMENDED!!

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