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Sunday, September 1, 2019


Bud and Lou are at it again.

Bud is Chick Larkin and Lou is Mervin Milgrim. They are two soda jerks who want to be mystery writers for a radio show.

They get involved in a real muder on the air at a radio station and attempt to solve the murder in order to get jobs with the program. The two find themselves tangling with Lt. Lou Moran (William Gargan) and Detective Brannigan (William Bendix).

Lou and Bendix play off of each other with some great comedy routines. Bendix was always good at comedy, but never given the chance to play comedic roles very often.

Patrick Knowles is Jimmy Turner a star writer who is suspected of being the murderer and Louise Allbritton is Jane Little, the woman he loves. Most of the movie is a wild chance thru the radio station and it never lets up.

Some of A&C's best routines are here including a clever gag in which they make fun of a comedy team (themselves) doing the "Who's Of First" routine on another station.

There are no musical numbers in this film and that is a good thing because the film moves at such a fast pace that anything else would just slow it down.

The rest of the cast includes Thomas Gomez, Don Porter, and Mary Wickes who really had comic genius and timing. RECOMMENDED!!

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