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Saturday, April 9, 2022


Some good stuff coming to blu-ray this year.

We've had a few great ones already such as "Monster From Green Hell, "The Body Snatcher" (1956) and a few more.

Now coming in June is "Brain From Planet Arous" from Film Detective. This company has also announced that on April 19th, just a few days from now it will be releasing on Blu-ray the all time Jerry Gross classic "Girl On A Chain Gang" which to me is required viewing.

Also in June they are releasing the wonderful "Love Slaves Of The Amazon" which I have wanted to see for the last 50 years!! Later in the summer they are giving us a beautiful print of "Battle Of The Worlds" which is a 1960 Italian space film starring Claude Raines.

Ignite films has announced a fall 2022 release of one of the most requested films ever....INVADERS FROM MARS 1953. The blu-ray is a 4k release and promises to be stunning. My God, it's about time.

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