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Sunday, April 10, 2022


The 61st of 66 Hoppy films turns out to be one of the most unique.

This tale finds Lucky Jenkins (Rand Brooks) under a hypnotic spell placed on him by Doc Richards (Earle Hodgins). Richards has him steal all the money Hopalong (William Boyd) and California (Andy Clyde) have been paid for their cattle sale.

The doctors neice, Rene (Virginia Belmont) is against the plan but her opinion is of no use the Richards. Naturally Hoppy and California go in search of the money as well as Lucky.

After a long chase The doc, his neice and Lucky hold up in a shack in the desert. Richards then sends Lucky off to kill Hoppy. This fails and Hopalong with the help of California snap Lucky out of his trance and then go after the doctor.

As I stated, this is a very unique plotline for a western and it works quite well. The cast is excellent and do a very good job, and the hour long film moves at a great pace.

I like all of these Hopalong Cassidy films but this one is close to the top of the list.

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