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Thursday, April 14, 2022


Very good episode from the BBC program entitled "Supernatural".

Four former lovers of Countess Ilona (Billie Whitlaw) are invited to her lonely mansion for a reunion. All of the men show up, but things are not as they seem.

The youngest member of the four is killed on the first night of their stay, and it appears that he was attacked and torn apart by a wild animal.

The rest of the men still try to make moves on the Countess, but she is a bitter woman and will have none of it. She would rather spend time with her 9 year old son who is now her life.

One by one the remaining men are killed in a vicious manner. It turns out that the Countess had married a very cruel man who died in a "hunting accident" a year after they were married.

She used supernatural powers to being him back as a servant werewolf who prowls at night, and she knows her son will grow up to be a monster as well.

The ending to this TV horror gem is very well done. The rest of the cast includes Ian Hendry, Charles Kay, and Edward Hardwick. RECOMMENDED!!

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