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Saturday, April 16, 2022


Another well made Hopalong Cassidy film.

Hoppy (William Cassidy) is a Sheriff attempting to bring a group of bad guys to justice in the Lone Star state of Texas.

The gang is led by Tom Jordan (Victor Jory) and he and his men are hiding out of Hoppy's jurisdiction in Oklahoma. Hoppy devises a very interesting plan.

He poses as a cattle buyer so he can travel to Oklahoma. He locates Tom and his gang, but gets a very unwelcome reception.

After this Hoppy, California (Andy Clyde) and John Travers (Jay Kirby) decide to rustle the cattle back across the border into Texas. Hoppy then hopes the gang will come to get them back so he can arrest them.

This is a fun western for a Saturday afternoon. The rest of the cast includes Robert Mitchum, George Reeves, Jan Christy and Earle Hodgins.

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