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Friday, April 8, 2022


Ignore all the lame and dumb trashing of this film.

I hadn't heard of this film, believe it or not until I saw it on the Sinister Cinema website, and after reading the small synopsis I knew I had to see it.

I did some research and found nothing but scathing comments about both films and director. I gotta say it, these people are so wrong in my opinion.

Robert Marius is Lee and Marina Giulia Cavalli is Jane, two Greenpeace workers who are determined to film the mysterious goings on on a small island where a secret Government project called E-Tech is operating.

What they are really doing is dumping radioactive waste into a volcano and trying to keep everything under control. Lee and Jane manage to sneak in and do a bit of videotaping, but are spotted. Lee gets caught, but Jane escapes with the government people in hot pursuit. She is rescued by a man named Bob (Daniel Bosch).

Together they form a plan to rescue Lee whose now being questioned by the man in charge of the entire project, Col. Kovacks (Charles Napier). A mysterious fireball lands in the ocean around the island and that's when the real trouble begins.

Kovacks finds his project under attack from a monsterous creature that has come from space after being attracted to the location by the huge amounts of radioactive waste.

I think the huge monster looks pretty cool and God help you if it even touches you! This was directed by Antonio Margheriti who was one of the best Italian directors of his time.

The film moves along and is never boring. Yes, it takes awhile for the monster to show up, but when it does...oh my. The print quality from Sinister is stunning and in widescreen and English dubbed.

Mindless fun despite what all the "critics" say.

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